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Friday May 26 2006

The group of trademark PROFESSIONAL briefcases in the beginning of August will be filled up at once with 5 representatives of «briefcase faunae». Further is more detailed about each product:

The briefcase, one man can’t pass by calmly. Black, with a double finishing line, capacious (and it is an estimation only at first sight, without going deep into inner world of a briefcase), with modern rounded form. If you start more careful survey, you will discover that it isalso very light and allows to transfer laptop safely (there is a special compartment with zipper and a cover), the bottom is protected by metal legs. By demountable shoulder belt and light, convenient handle nowadays one can’t be surprised - working through of details for ТМ PROFESSIONAL is usual practice. The artificial leather with a stamping, used in a product, as much as possible reflects modern lines. Fantastic functionality, convenience, volume at surprisingly light weight is the brief description of model 819.10.

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